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Electrical Testing

The most vital fact is to know the condition and evolution of the transformer to be in healthy status to operate safety and detect any fault before and during operation. In the strategy maintenance techniques the electric testing is used to evaluate the status of the transformer. We provide a wide range of electrical testing such as:

  1. Turns Ratio test for transformers
  2. Winding Resistance Measurement for transformers, motors and generators.
  3. Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer (SFRA) for transformers to detect: Winding deformation and displacement; Shorted turns and open windings; Loosen clamping structure; Broken clamping structure; Core connection problems; Partial winding collapse; Faulty core grounds; Core movement
  4. Multi- Tap Automatic Current transformer, saturation, ratio and polarity test set for CT: Polarity Test; Demagnetization; CT burden measurement; Insulation resistance test; Winding resistance test
  5. Insulation Diagnostic Analyzer (Dielectric Frequency Response) for transformers, power generators, cables, bushings and motors we can determine moisture inside the transformers.
  6. Partial Discharge test for switch gear and transformers.
  7. Insulation Resistance Test for transformer windings, motor windings, generator windings and power cables.